The e-platform with the e-course will be the culmination of the project’s efforts. It will use the results of the methodological guide and the development of games and contain an e-learning course targeted at ID trainers, carers and people of local community who are interested on the topic. It will guide them through all steps of understanding ID, organize co-creation game workshops and implement the finalized games to pwID. The scope is to turn them able to use this knowledge in order to organize co-creation game workshops targeted at pwID in their own country, empower their skills and create an impact in terms of inclusion.

The e-course will result in:

-changing the attitude of local communities towards pwID and enhance inclusion

-empower the skills of ID trainers and professionals in terms of cooperation with other professionals, creating co-created workshops and self-created material, adapt to changes and implications

-empower the skills of carers through the training of implementation of games

-empower the awareness of people about ID and inclusion of pwID