Serious Games

The goal of this output is not only to create games addressing specific abilities of pwID – conceptual skills (language & literacy, money, time, number and self-direction), social skills (interpersonal skills, social responsibility, self-esteem, gullibility, naïveté, social problem solving, the ability to follow or obey rules and to avoid being victimized) and practical skills (personal care, work-related skills, healthcare, travel & ransportation, schedules, safety, use of money and use of telephone), but also to design the initial idea of the game through the co-creation game workshop in order to make local communities aware of pwID, enhance inclusion and change the attitude towards them

Before the development of the games each Partner whose focus group is pwID will organize and hold a co-creation game workshop during which ID trainers/specialists, healthcare professionals, game-designers, pwID, their carers, university students or other people from local community will create the main ideas of games following the rules of the resulting Methodological Guide.

Afterwards all the partners will be informed about the ideas and prototype games and will select 6 of them for further development through the project. The selected ideas will become fully developed games and be tested to pwID in order to get feedback for their final development and implementation.

6 serious games will be available through the website / e-platform while guides on how to play and use them effectively will accompany them.



Here you can find the serious games that have been developed



Shopping time

Love game

City life

Pizza chef