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Challedu– inclusion | games | education is a Greek NGO based in Athens. Since 2016 it pioneers new models of learning, inclusion and engagement through game based methods. Our main axes are:

co-creation game design workshops for specific groups (people with disabilities, refugees, people with dementia, young women etc)

Creation of games with specific educational or inclusion objectives: mystery games, role model games, digital and board games etc

training youth- adult trainers or other professionals on how to implement games in their everyday professional activities.

Challedu has a lot of expertise in designing, developing and implementing game scenarios, training material, educational games, train the trainer and capacity building workshops on game-based solutions. Its team consists of educators, social workers, game designers, who designs playful experiences and games with the aim to transform every activity into an irresistible experience.

Challedu is active in Erasmus+ projects, participating as a partner or coordinator in various projects (BRIDGE-games for people with dementia, FLYie– role models game promoting entrepreneurship to young women, FEMALES, ID GAMES). Moreover, Challedu has presented games in schools, in “Athens, Book capital 2018”, ‘Researchers Night’, “Culture’s Night”, “Athens Science festival”, “Open Schools Athens”

PEIRAIKI ENOSI GONEON KHDEMONON KAI FILON AMEA is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization, which operates since 1993 in the field of special care for people with Intellectual Disabilities. At 1997, it has founded PEK/AMEA, a community day care centre for adults with intellectual disability (ID).

PEK/AMEA is licenced by the state to provide primary and secondary social care services at its facilities. It consists of a group of programs designed to meet the needs of 25 adults with mild and moderate intellectual disability.It is based on the principles of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that promotes dignity and respect and recognizes individuals as active agents of their own rights.

PEK/AMEA’s facility-based services include health/medication monitoring, daily meals ,transportation and social services. Our facility-based activities provide psychological support/counselling, occupational therapy, physical education, arts and socialization groups. In addition, our community-based services provide individuals with opportunities to participate in activities in integrated, social settings with members of the community.

Our envision is to create a flexible, responsive, compassionate environment where all services and activities support human and civil rights of individuals with intellectual disability and contribute to personal growth.



E-school Educational Group


E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP has been founded in September 2003. Our base is the city of Karditsa, but we organize training seminars and projects in various other cities, such as Patra, Athens, Larisa, Volos, etc. We have worked with most known organizations of knowledge accreditation in Greece (ECDL, ICT, ACTA, GLOBALCERT, UNICERT).

Since 2007 we have specialized on training disabled people with the use of computers and other tools. Since 2010 we have entered the field of language studies, creating a Center for Foreign Languages specialized on adult education. We are certified by EOPPEP as a Life Long Learning Center since 2014.

In the past 5 years, we have trained over 4000 unemployed individuals in national unemployment programs and various seminars. These programs, include theoretical Training, career consulting services and hands-on training in private sector stakeholders. In the last 3 years, we are active in Erasmus+ projects, participating as a partner or coordinator in more than 15 projects (

Nowadays, E-SCHOOL is manned with four permanent managerial staff, 3 permanent external partners and over 50 teachers.

Our vision is to be a truly multipurpose EDUCATIONAL GROUP that will provide high quality and modern LIFE LONG LEARNING and KNOWLEDGE ACCREDITATION.

The “Alliance for Children” Association has a humanitarian, apolitical and non-profit character and was founded in 1994 by the teachers of the Special School in Arad. The Association currently consists of teachers, doctors, social workers, psychologists, social mediators, students involved in the education and support of students with SEN in Arad County.

Its main purpose is to improve educational status of children and youth with intelectual disabilities by collecting financial and material funds to improve the conditions of training and education of pupils, as well as the development of specific competences through the continuous training of teachers, updating curricula, creating competences in socio-psycho-pedagogical assistance of pupils/youth with SEN and their families.

Our objectives are:

• Identifying, raising awareness and finding solutions to problems of students/youth intelectual disabilities;

• Developing programs and activities which address youth concerns, involving them directly into actively solving youth issues,

• Organizing social, cultural, sports and other types of events;

• Organizing workshops to train different skills and abilities for the students/youth with intelectual disabilities;

• developing projects and activities in order to train, educate and inform about specific topics;

• promoting measures for social reintegration of youngsters with intelectual disabilities;



University Lusófona


Lusófona University, the largest private university in Portugal, integrates 10 HEI in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. It has a student body of more than 10.000 students and 1500 teachers and offer 44 undergraduate Degrees, 45 Master Degrees, 11 PhD’s programs and 42 Postgraduation courses. The University has a large experience in research and project management of European and international projects and will participate in the project with:

CCICANT – Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies, from the School of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Information, which promotes theoretical and applied research on all its subject areas: New Media and New Technologies, Organizational Communication, Arts and Visual Culture and Cultural and Media Studies. The centre gives focus to knowledge transfer and exchange with industry and similar centers in Portugal and in Europe at the cross of media, arts, culture and technologies.

Hei-Lab – The human-environment interaction Labs is rooted in the framework of human-environment interaction, and looks at the mutual effects between human behavior and its contexts. Hei-Lab mission is to apply converge knowledge from Psychology, videogames and Design into a transdisciplinary scientific platform to study human behavior within this interchangeable view.

The Special Educational Center No. 1 in Elbląg (Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy nr 1) is a public institution where attend children, adolescents and adults with mild, moderate and severe intellectual disability are aged 0-24.

The structure of the Center includes:

– kindergarten (14pwID)

– primary school, vocational school and preparatory school (181 pwID)

– nursing home (18 pwID)

– boarding school (17 pwID)

– Center for Early Child Development Support (34 students)

– Therapy and Revalidation Center (100 students from mainstream schools)

In addition to daily activities such as learning how to read, write and count we run a number of additional activities such as : animal assisted therapy (dogs, cats and horses), Biofeedback, Snozelen’s Room, Warnke’s therapy, Sensory Integration, integration of reflexes and tactile therapy, alternative speech and communication therapy (AAC), classes of supported educational robots, corrective gymnastics, hand therapy (to prove manual skills) , oral and facial therapy, logorymics, typhlopedagogy, surdopedagogy, sensoplasty, sensomotorics, educational kinesiology, behavioral therapy, rehabilitation, horticultural therapy (therapy with using flowers and plants).

There are 98 teachers specialized in working with pwID in our Center.

Since 2017 the school regularly implements European Union projects.

Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy nr 1