PEIRAIKI ENOSI GONEON KHDEMONON KAI FILON AMEA is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization, which operates since 1993 in the field of special care for people with Intellectual Disabilities. At 1997, it has founded PEK/AMEA, a community day care centre for adults with intellectual disability (ID).

PEK/AMEA is licenced by the state to provide primary and secondary social care services at its facilities. It consists of a group of programs designed to meet the needs of 25 adults with mild and moderate intellectual disability.It is based on the principles of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that promotes dignity and respect and recognizes individuals as active agents of their own rights.

PEK/AMEA’s facility-based services include health/medication monitoring, daily meals ,transportation and social services. Our facility-based activities provide psychological support/counselling, occupational therapy, physical education, arts and socialization groups. In addition, our community-based services provide individuals with opportunities to participate in activities in integrated, social settings with members of the community.

Our envision is to create a flexible, responsive, compassionate environment where all services and activities support human and civil rights of individuals with intellectual disability and contribute to personal growth.