E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP has been founded in September 2003. Our base is the city of Karditsa, but we organize training seminars and projects in various other cities, such as Patra, Athens, Larisa, Volos, etc. We have worked with most known organizations of knowledge accreditation in Greece (ECDL, ICT, ACTA, GLOBALCERT, UNICERT).

Since 2007 we have specialized on training disabled people with the use of computers and other tools. Since 2010 we have entered the field of language studies, creating a Center for Foreign Languages specialized on adult education. We are certified by EOPPEP as a Life Long Learning Center since 2014.

In the past 5 years, we have trained over 4000 unemployed individuals in national unemployment programs and various seminars. These programs, include theoretical Training, career consulting services and hands-on training in private sector stakeholders. In the last 3 years, we are active in Erasmus+ projects, participating as a partner or coordinator in more than 15 projects (https://www.erasmusplus.edu.gr).

Nowadays, E-SCHOOL is manned with four permanent managerial staff, 3 permanent external partners and over 50 teachers.

Our vision is to be a truly multipurpose EDUCATIONAL GROUP that will provide high quality and modern LIFE LONG LEARNING and KNOWLEDGE ACCREDITATION.